Story Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

Story Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

Story Family Medicine Direct Primary CareStory Family Medicine Direct Primary CareStory Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

Rod Story MD, FAAFP, FHM

Story Family Medicine family physician with Direct Primary Care

How We Help

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Real Cost Labs, Medications, and More

Our membership prices are transparent and designed to be affordable based on age, not on prior medical history. 

One fee covers all services.  

There are no copays or hidden charges with direct primary care.

Story Family Medicine in Moscow directly contracts with laboratory services and passes these savings on to you. In many cases, labs are 75-90% less than insurance billing. We dispense most medications directly from our clinic at a 90% savings

Story Family Medicine family medicine direct primary care family physician

Timely Service

For patient convenience, same day or next day appointments are usually available. Appointment are unhurried, allowing plenty of time for questions.  Our clinic values timely visits and we strive to serve you and your family on schedule!

Story Family Medicine family medicine direct primary care family physician

Flexible Visits

Many health concerns can be handled “virtually” without a trip to the clinic (Think of the benefit of sending a quick text or a picture of a rash to your doctor!). And, if needed, Dr. Story is glad to make home visits within our community.

Direct Primary Care Membership Pricing

Direct Primary Care is not health insurance. Membership provides affordable care for most of your family’s medical needs. For catastrophic coverage, SFM recommends purchasing insurance or joining a Healthcare Sharing Ministry. DPC members usually are able to choose higher deductible coverage, ultimately saving significantly on healthcare costs.

Why Direct Primary Care?

Looking for a better health care option?  We can help.  Dr. Story takes a few minutes to explain why Direct Primary Care could be a game changer for your family or business. 

About Us

Story Family Medicine, family medicine direct primary care family physician, affordable primary care

Experience and Excellence

Dr. Story is a highly trained, Board-Certified family physician.  He has provided medical care for 15 years in many settings, including the ER, hospital, hospice, and nursing homes. His broad experience and skills can provide for most of your medical needs, including office procedures and advanced testing. 

In 2017 Dr. Story received the Physician Excellence Award from Pullman Regional Hospital. 


A Personal Approach

Most family physicians carry a total patient count of more than 2500 - 3500 patients, while a membership model allows DPC clinics to remain much smaller (on average 800 members). Patients at Story Family Medicine in Moscow are able to develop closer connections with Dr. Story.


Meet our Nurse Practitioner, Lisa Halpert

Lisa recently moved to the area from Texas with her husband and two daughters. Lisa has worked primarily in internal medicine and urgent care. 

We are so happy to have her join our clinic, especially to be able to provide well-women exams. Lisa is upbeat, loves a good cup of coffee, and is ready to lend a careful and skilled listening ear to our patients. She will be in clinic two days a week, working with Dr. Story to extend our availability and care.

Our patients say...

"This is the way to go"

"Never felt more confident"

"Never felt more confident"

"It really amazes me that people would want to do medical care any other way. Dr. Story checked out my daughters bleeding nose in a school parking lot today because I was worried it could be broken.. No office visit, no waiting rooms, and huge savings. This is the way to go." Jordyn

"Never felt more confident"

"Never felt more confident"

"Never felt more confident"

"I can’t believe that this model isn’t more prevalent! We are saving hundreds a month on insurance and have so much more access to medial care. I love not having to evaluate whether it’s worth it to take my children to the doctor. Balancing your child’s health against your finances feels terrible and I no longer have to do it! Dr Story and Jenny are so prompt and in the first month have already helped us with well child checks, minor infections and emergency issues. They are kind, efficient and competent. I have never felt more confident in my medical coverage than I do now. No wondering if I am going to get a bill in three months, no waiting rooms and no barriers to actually speaking with my doctor." Caitlin

"Warm, caring, and capable"

"Never felt more confident"

"Warm, caring, and capable"

"Went with my son to Dr. Story for his routine physical exam which is required for sports eligibility. Dr. Story was remarkably thorough yet without being fussy. He also displayed a wonderful combination of professionalism and personalized interest and care. I have experienced routine doctor visits that seemed to be like passing through an assembly line, but this experience with Dr. Story stood out in stark contrast. Warm, caring, and capable." Chris

Visit the Clinic

Serving Moscow, Pullman and the Surrounding Area

We love visiting with our patients.  Grab a cup of coffee in our welcome room and let us know how you are doing.  

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