Direct Primary Care Frequently Asked Questions


Membership Questions

Does Dr. Story see patients who are not members?  

We are committed to our current members and are no longer able to see patients on a fee-for-service basis. However, many of our memberships begin with an active health issue! Membership covers any care received at our office, from first visit to followup and beyond. We invite you to discover the excellent care available through DPC!

Does Dr. Story see patients of all ages?

Yes. We see all ages, including infants, children, and elderly. 

Does Story Family Medicine offer a “Family Plan”?

Yes we do! Please refer to our Pricing Section for more details.

What is NOT included in DPC Membership?

  • Immunizations (we currently refer all members to the Health Department)
  • Services provided by other practitioners, such as a sub-specialist to whom the patient is referred
  • Medications purchased elsewhere
  • Hospital care, including inpatient admission, rounds (by other doctors), and discharge
  • Lab studies done outside the office
  • Physical therapy, etc
  • Any services rendered by other facilities or by another provider, in the rare event that Dr. Story is unavailable.

General Questions

Does Dr. Story treat chronic behavioral issues?

Dr. Story has professional skill in the diagnosis and management of “garden-variety” anxiety and depression. While some family physicians are willing to prescribe potent anti-psychotic and stimulant medications and to engage in a diagnosis of more complex psychiatric conditions, Dr. Story feels that this is beyond the scope of his professional training and is best managed by board-certified Psychiatrists. Dr. Story is willing to coordinate specialty care with Psychiatrists and to manage medical cares alongside mental health treatment for members of our practice.

Does Dr. Story treat chronic pain conditions?

Dr. Story does not prescribe narcotic therapy for chronic non-cancer pain. If a patient comes to our practice and is actively prescribed narcotic pain medication by a previous provider, the patient will need to maintain that relationship. Dr. Story will not assume that prescriptive responsibility for those medications. Dr. Story has extensive professional knowledge regarding non-narcotic management of chronic pain and will actively work to provide that expertise to our members.

Does Dr. Story prescribe hormonal birth control?

Dr. Story has experience with natural family planning.  Story Family Medicine does not prescribe hormone-based birth control nor IUDs.  We would be glad to meet with you to explain why.

What happens if I need medical care after office-hours or on the weekend?

Members can reach Dr. Story through our clinic phone number for after-hours urgent needs.  

What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?

In the age of technology, many conditions can be diagnosed and treated via a simple conversation by phone, email, or video chat. If appropriate, Dr. Story will locate the nearest pharmacy and order medication most suited for your circumstance. If you need to go to the hospital or seek other medical attention while away from home, we can advise you on that as well.

What if I’m hospitalized?

Dr. Story has privileges at Pullman Regional Hospital, he does not have privileges at Gritman Hospital.  Dr. Story is skilled in infant, pediatric, adult, and intensive care.  If available he is able to manage your care.  

What about Medicare?

We'd love to care for you. Many of our members have Medicare.  Medicare will NOT pay for your monthly membership. Call our office for more details. (208) 310-7773